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Building a website for your Sydney business is laying the groundwork. To ensure you stay highly visible online and bring in more business, you need a digital marketing strategy to continuously grow your online presence.

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Who Do We Go To For Information?

Suppose you have no idea if a piece of information is true or not, and are unable to determine its veracity by yourself. How do you go about deciding whether you can trust that information? Some things you might consider are:

  • The authority of the source
  • The historical track record of the source
  • The association the source has to other sources in a related field

Reminds you of academic referencing, doesn’t it? People reference the work of experts in any field because they are trusted sources of information. And why? It’s because authority is a proxy measurement of certainty. Well, that’s fundamentally how Search Engine algorithms like Google’s work. And you can imagine that this level of trust is not built overnight.

So how does this relate to digital marketing? Digital marketing is all about marketing your business as the expert, the authority, the goto source for information, products, and services for a particular niche.

The Online Landscape

The online landscape is a large database of searchable information: you provide a keyword to search for, and the database returns a list of results based on that query. Search Engines like Google deliver those results in an order that they deem to be the most helpful for the query in question based on a myriad of ranking factors. Because Google understands the factors we as “humans” take into consideration in determining which information answers my question and which don’t, they similarly apply those factors into their Search Algorithm. These factors include:

  • Directly answers the question
  • Provides relevant and engaging content
  • Information that is unique and original
…to name a few. This essentially means that the content your business website puts up has to stand out above and beyond that of your competition. This in turn means that your business must have substance above and beyond that of your competition. That is to say, you must have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – services or offers that clearly differentiates your business from your competition – such that potential visitors will select you over anyone else. Then by simply providing this content and marketing it online, you set yourself up as an authority in your industry in the digital space and a reliable, trusted, goto source of information regarding any questions in that market.

Building an Authoritative Online Presence

You’ve likely heard of the “10,000 Hours Rule” – the belief that it takes 10,000 hours to master any skill or activity. Now whether that’s scientifically accurate or not, it doesn’t detract us from the core sentiment of the saying. That being, it takes time to become an expert. And so, we tend to trust a surgeon with 20 years of experience over one who’s only had 1 year’s worth; we regard the opinion of an expert who’s spent 30 years in a field over a recent graduate in the same field. Because expertise is built over time.

By the same token, Search Engines like Google understand that online presences are also built over time, and will look for continuous ongoing activity for your business across the Internet. As such, in order to maintain and build your Sydney business’ digital marketing competitiveness, there needs to be an ongoing digital-marketing strategy in place over a long period of time to ensure long-lasting continued success.

Table of Content

Ongoing SEO Services for Month-To-Month Growth

When it comes to SEO, there is no single silver bullet. Search Engines look for a wide range of signals to determine the rank of your business website relative to your competitors. As such, in order to drive a succesful digital marketing campaign that outlasts your competition now and in the long run, every SEO element needs to be implemented, and every SEO element needs to be built over time.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO are those factors that you have direct control over. And just because it's "ongoing" work, doesn't mean it's just about adding new content. It's also about monitoring existing content, and also fixing, improving and optimising old content.

Monitor Your Online Presence

Keeping an eye on the progress of your digital marketing strategy is critical for your business' success. In order to do so, we need the tools that record relevant metrics for us. Depending on the scale of your digital marketing strategy, it will likely include analytics on the following:
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console Stats
  • Heat Map Analysis
  • SEO Performance
  • Competition Movement
  • Google My Business Stats
  • Social Media Stats

Optimise Keyword Research

Keyword Research provides the foundation for a good business website and overall online presence. For this reason, it is important to revise and optimise your Keyword Research on a periodic basis. Depending on the competitiveness and the "trendiness" of the industry, this may range from once every quarter to once a year, but we do not recommend doing it any less often than that.

During the Keyword Research, you will inevitably come across LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords - or for the layman, synonyms. Be sure to focus on the content and flow of the information and not on simply recylcing through synonyms for the sake of using LSI. The focus is first and foremost the user experience.

Fresh Content

In any given field, there is no shortage in either the breadth or depth of topics to talk about, and thus no end to fresh content that can be supplied if done on a digital platform. When it comes to business websites, be sure to target content that the market is showing interest in. There's no point in creating the best content for a topic for which no one is interested in. Adding fresh content over time slowly builds your online footprint and solidifies your online presence as the authority and goto source of information, and thus, raises the demand for your services in the real world.

Update Old Content

Every bit of content eventually becomes outdated. But that's not to say outdated content is no longer relevant or valuable. Updating old content to reflect the newer times or by tidying it up with additional tidbits so that the information is continuously valuable is a cost-effective way of continuosly adding SEO value to your business continuous digital marketing strategy.

Internal Links

Internal Links are a way of "webbing" your online presence together. The stronger - i.e. the more interconnected - this web, the stronger the signal to Search Engines it is in saying how related each and every part of your online presence is with each other. With new and updated old content being pushed out as part of your business' ongoing digital marketing strategy, the more relevant it is to make sure the internal links stay up to date as well.

Rich Snippets​

Rich Snippets are the gateway to your business website from Search Engine Result Pages. As such, ensuring each and every fresh content has a corresponding fresh, enticing rich snippet maximises the odds of people clicking through onto your website. Revising and updating old rich snippets that may have been outplayed by competitors is also a good way to stay ahead of the curve.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO refers to those factors that you do not have direct control over. It is about building relationships in the form of external links with other webites in similar niches so as to inform Search Engines just how relevant your business website is within the niche and how it is viewed as an authority amongst them. That being said, this is not purely a number's game. Many factors must be taken into account when building a proper online business presence over time.

Number of Linking Pages

First and foremost, those websites with many external links indicate that there is broad consensus that your business website is recognised and valued as an authority in the industry by many others also in the industry. So building towards numerous backlinks to your business website is part of your ongoing SEO strategy.

Quality of Linking Pages

However, it isn't just about the number of backlinks, as this can be "gamed" by unscrupulous agencies in a blackhat practice called "backlink farming". The quality of the backlink is also highly important. Is the linking website an authority in the niche itself, or is it just some dodgy website created 2 days ago made for the sole purpose of providing a backlink? Assessing the quality of the backlinks and simultaneously disavowing those without history and authority helps position your own website in the online neighbourhood of quality websites.

Relevancy of Linking Pages

As already alluded to, having backlinks from websites in unrelated niches lacks link-quality compared to those within the same or similar niche. For this ensuring that your backlinks come from reputable, relevant websites to your business niche is important.

Diversity of Linking Pages

Diversity is a reflection of organic growth, and Search Engines are looking for organic growth of your online presence over time. Be sure to check your backlinks are sourced from a range of websites within the niche, and not just from a few "big names".

Context of Link and Link Anchor

The context within which the link is placed is also important. For example, if your website is about physiotherapy treaments, the niche of "sports" is related; the topic of "history of sports", however is less so. Making sure linked content is also relevant to your business niche sends a strong signal to Search Engines what your website is about.

Furthermore, giving link anchors a descriptive name rather than a generic one further sends a strong signal what your website is about, and thus what your business is about, and thus positions yourself as an authority online for that specific niche.

Increasing Your Online Footprint

Your business website is the central pillar from which the rest of your online growth branches out from. The prupose behind growing your online footprint over time is to go fishing in the digital platforms where your potential customers are, and thereby increasing the number of touchpoints visitors have to your local Sydney business. Simply put, make yourself highly visible online so that you get more business.

Google My Business

"My Business" is a business listing platform provided by Google, whose business name can only be registered and approved by physical mail. That is to say, there is no way for anyone else other than you as the business owner to claim your business listing on Google My Business. Given this fact, it is a mark of legitimacy not only to Search Engines, but also to online visitors. 

Furthermore, it provides business owners a means to interact with customers by responding to reviews, saliently feature their business on the right hand column of SERPs, and display a map for navigational results to their business.

Directory Citations

Directories are websites that list products, services, or businesses in a given niche, and are the digital evolution of the pre-21st century phonebooks. They allow for quick lookups on business names, addresses, and contact details and are useful for people looking up local services in an area near them. For this reason, listing your business on local directory websites related to your business space widens your online footprint for potential customers to find you through.

Social Media

Social Media isn't just about selfies and sharing memes. It's a place of congregation. You'd be hard pushed to find someone these days who doesn't use some form of Social Media in some capacity. And even if your ideal customers aren't using Social Media, somebody they know might, and by the principle of "Six Degrees of Separation", draw in your ideal customers. Having a Social Media presence is going fishing where the fish is, as part of your ongoing digital marketing strategy.

Press Release

Press Releases are set apart from blog articles in that there is a lot more authority behind it, as it means there has been no small amount of media attention drawn to your business. By leveraging the power of media, you are able to better display your authority in your niche and convert unsure visitors to paying customers who want a professional expert to deliver the right solution to their problems.

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