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Our customers often have similar questions when it comes to our website design, digital marketing, and SEO services. To find out how we can help your business gain higher visibility and bring in more business:

Free Website Audit

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re not getting the number or type of customers you want. We provide a  free, comprehensive, no-obligation audit of your business’ website.

Australia has an incredibly high level of Internet penetration rate at 90%. In practical terms, this means pretty much everyone is online and they’re searching for local services they need on Google and other Search Engines.

Given this digital landscape, having an online presence for your Sydney business is not only a wise investment, it is an absolute necessity. Otherwise, you’re losing valuable customers to other businesses who already have an online presence.

The best time is now. The more you delay, the more time you waste in bringing in valuable customers.

And you don’t have to start big. If you have absolutely no online presence, start by creating a Google My Business listing. This tells people looking up local services that you are a legitimate business, and your business will have a map listing shown in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). 

Once you have a bigger budget to invest into digital marketing, start exploring other options to expand your online presence. If your digital marketing strategy cost you $X, whatever that amount might be, but increased your revenue by 2x, 3x, 10x the investment, is that not a wise investment to make?

Analyse the data (…although to receive the data from companies, you usuaully have to pay a premium).

If the data from Facebook or other online directories that you’re listed on show that there’s plenty of people visiting your page and are actually converting to paying customers, and your business simply cannot take in more clients, you probably don’t need a website right now. If you don’t have hard data to say whether Facebook is working for you or not, you’re kidding yourself.

Furthermore, setting up a page on another company’s platform means you’re subjected to the whims of their policy. If their policy changes, or you stop paying the subscription fee, they can terminate your page at any time. That is, you don’t own your content on other company’s platforms. By contrast, you have full legal ownership of your business website, and so, there is no risk of it “shutting down”. It is a long term asset.

And lastly, a business’ website is a reflection of their professionalism, their reliability, and their legitimacy. It provides trust to people that your business, and by extension you the business owner, can be trusted to deliver quality services to customers.

Absolutely! We will happily perform a free, comprehensive, detailed audit of your website and identify where it’s performing and where it’s not. Based on our analysis, we will give you an actionable report on things that you yourself can do to see some quick wins in making your website perform. We will also clearly state those areas where a professional touch is required to boost your website performance even further.

This depends on your business’ specific situtation, needs, and wants.

As an example, if we take a hypothetical business who has budget allocated for digital marketing and has no online presence whatsoever:

  • 1-3 face-to-face meetings to listen, understand and formulate a digital marketing solution custom-fit to your business needs
  • 1-3 weeks market research and website design
  • 1-3 months website development and build
  • 12 months+ increasing your online footprint and ongoing digital marketing and SEO services for long lasting lead generation  

We do not sacrifice quality for expediency. Good things take time.

No. Our customers stay with us because they have the freedom to leave whenever they want. The fact that they choose to maintain our partnership speaks to our ability to continuously provide massive trust and value and a multiple return on their investment.

Ongoing SEO refers to the next stage in growing your business’ online presence after you have built your webste.


Building a long-lasting online presence is like going to the gym. You’re not going to see results in a day or two. It takes consistency over a long period of time. Part of this includes:

  • continuously providing fresh quality information to visitors who are interested in what your business offers.
  • connecting and communicating with other online authorities. 
  • constant monitoring and analysis of yours and your competitors’ website performance.
  • reaching out to more potential customers by utilising other digital platforms relevant to your business.


4 reasons.


  1. We’re Local. We are a Sydney business for Sydney businesses. We understand your struggles in finding new and retaining old customers, because we live and work here too. Based in Sydney Olympic Park, we can come meet you face-to-face within the hour to discuss your business needs and navigate through the myriad that is the online landscape.
  2. We’re Fully Transparent. Unlike our competitors, we don’t hide anything about our costs, services, process, or progress – because there’s no need to! We explain everything clearly so that you understand the digital landscape and know why what works and what doesn’t. We believe that trust is fundamental to a long-lasting successful partnership, and that’s why we transparently keep you in the loop of your Sydney business’ digital marketing strategy every step of the way. 
  3. We’re Data-Driven. We don’t base our digital-marketing strategy on hearsay or “neighbourhood opinion”; we base it on evidence. We collect hard data that informs us what is working and what isn’t and adjust what needs to be adjusted in real-time, so that your digital marketing strategy is optimised in delivering the best bang for your buck.
  4. Corporate-Level Services at Small-Business Prices. We are a boutique digital marketing agency tucked away in a small corner of Sydney Olympic Park. We do not have “administrative overhead costs” like our bloated competitors. That’s why we’re able to deliver corporate-level services at a fraction of the price!

Unfortunately not. And anybody who says they can are ignorant at best and deceptive at worst. Each and every SEO provider is beholden to the Google ranking guidelines on what is allowed and what is not, and so nobody has a private silver bullet strategy that guarantee’s them a first position rank in SERPs. That being said, we constantly monitor any changes to the guidelines and our whitehat approach is designed to build your online presence as a whole and in the long run, that’s what brings targeted traffic to your business and keeps that phone buzzing with customers.

Yes. We live and breathe the Google search algorithm guidelines as it is our bread and butter. We never engage in blackhat SEO strategies as we know that these approaches will be penalised by Google and other Search Engines. Our whitehat SEO strategy is design to produce a long-lasting online asset that continues to work even after your business’ digital marketing campaign ends with us. Our reputation is only as good as our worst mistake, and to that end, we guarantee that all of our services are Google compliant and legal.

Not at all! We understand that as a business owner, you want to focus on what you do best – and that’s delivering quality services and products to your clients. For this reason, we provide end-to-end web design and SEO services that covers the entire gamut of digital marketing that “just works”. 

Put another way, you can rest easy knowing that your digital marketing strategy is working for you and your business in the background even while you sleep.

That being said, for some of the more tech-savvy types, we explain the technical aspects of website design, conversion rate optimisation, search engine optimisation, etc as in-depth as possible so that no question or concern you have goes unaddressed. 


Part of maximising your online reach is going to where the customeres are, and without question, that includes popular social media platforms such as:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

…to name a few. We selectively choose digital platforms that are most relevant for your business and where your ideal customers frequently visit. If you run a flower shop, displaying your floral products on Instagram makes sense. If you’re a law firm, having a professional LinkedIn business profile makes sense. If you’re a non-profit, releasing tweets on the progress and impact of your organisation to gain online traction makes sense.

Social media platforms help to complement your business website by strengthening the link between all your online touch points, further solifying your online presence and your business as the goto authority for services and products in your niche.

We provide monthly up-to-date reports on the progress of your business’ current online presence status and projected growth, so that you’re always kept in the loop and in control of your business’ online lead-generation. Furthermore, we have no lock-in contracts for monthly SEO and digital marketing services, so if at any point you feel like you’re not getting bang for your buck, you have the freedom to terminate using our services at any time with no penalty fee (although we’re pretty sure you’ll be so impressed with our results, you’ll want to stay for the long run!).

Short answer: it depends!

Long answer: each business is different. As such, what web solution is best fit for each such unique situation is also different. You may have no online presence whatsoever. In that case, you probably need to set up a business listing and website first. Perhaps you already have a website, but have no analytics tools to track how well it’s performing. In that case, you probably need to collect traffic and behavioural data to analyse how to optimise your current online presence. Perhaps you have a decent SEO strategy, but want to kick it into overdrive to really dominate your market. In that case, you probably want to maximise your website and social media CRO and increase your online footprint. Depending on what you need based on your current business situation, the cost of your web solution and digital marketing strategy will also differ. 

We hear you! Coming up with a budget for marketing might seem like a waste of money when you haven’t seen it work for you. We provide a free, comprehensive assessment of your business’ current lead generation strategy and explain why digital marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways Sydney businesses can increase customer traffic and ultimately raise their bottom line. 

We also don’t want cost to be a barrier to entry for you in promoting your business online, and to that end, we have a range of flexible payment options that we custom-fit to your current cashflow situation so that you can start seeing real tangible results quickly – whatever your budget might be. 

Great question. Effectively deploying capital for maximum return on investment is reflective of good business acumen and is a necessary skill for any business owner wishing to run a successful and lasting business.  

Do a stocktake on your business’ current outgoing costs. Are they investments or are they expenses? That is, whatever you’ve paid for, is it returning more than what you’ve put in, or is it money down the drain? Do you purchase the lowest-quality equipment because it’s the cheapest option? Or do you invest in quality equipment, quality employees, quality marketing because they’re better in every way compared to cheap alternatives, and overall generate more revenue?

With our proven website design, SEO growth, and digital marketing expertise, we are able to deliver you results that return in multiples to whatever you invest. A partnership with us is an investment in digital marketing, and not an expense. 

Get in touch! We will go through a discovery session together over coffee, at no cost to you and no follow-up obligation on your part, and find out exactly what your business needs to achieve high visibility, and thus, more business. To your success!


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